27 de April de 2022
proceso de cromado

Moulds used in die-casting

Moulds are an indispensable and invisible part of the die-casting process. At Funmak, we use them in materials such as zamak, either to create a component […]
25 de May de 2022

The different types of zamak

Zamak is a material that is made of an alloy of different materials and has many properties. At Funmak, we are specialists in the manufacture of […]
20 de July de 2022

Find out all about the die casting process

The die casting process is vital in order to be able to manufacture parts made of zamak material. At Funmak, we use the die casting technique […]
24 de August de 2022

Know all the benefits of Zamak

As you already know, at Funmak we have the best material that can make your business take off: Zamak. This material has multiple benefits, since it […]