Machinery and Equipment

The best combination

The best know-how plus the best machines (the most robust and reliable machines on the market).


We have injection islands with high-tech machines and automated peripheral systems that allow us to obtain deburred and embedded parts required by our client in the packaging during the same injection phase.

Our Know-how, linked to a Lean Producing Manufacturing system, allows us to obtain parts with threads and dimensions of thousands tolerances in the same injection process, not being necessary, in many cases, a subsequent manipulation of machining to obtain these dimensions. Through Funmak’s Know How and together with this process, Funmak avoids investment costs in tooling for deburring (the separation of pieces versus the branches of feeding of the material) as well as the same cost of this production process.

Funmak has a wide variety of complementary processes adapted to our customers needs. In summary, they would be mainly processes for assembling / inserting rubber, bushes, pins, threads and surface treatments.

Injection machines

The RC machines can inject sealed parts with no burr, which means savings for the customer and constant optimum quality thanks to real-time control that the machines allow us to perform on injection curves.

All our machines are state-of-the-art Frech machines fitted with peripherals that allow us to fully automate our injection process.

Our facilities

Injection area - Injection station
Injection area - Injection station
Subsequent processes - Semiautomatic assemblies
Subsequent processes - Automatic machining