Products Funmak

Funmak manufactures and delivers products worldwide, the first destination being the European continent. Currently the export balance is higher than the product sold domestically.


Around 70% of our manufactured products are destined to the automotive sector for the main suppliers OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of car manufacturers.


Our products for the automotive sector are integrated in windshield wiper systems, such as interior bushings , the support that allows the windshield wiper to be lifted, motor housings , another type of parts linked to the system elevates moons, such as counterweights , several axes and other various types of parts linked to interior, aesthetic and non-aesthetic parts and parts linked to seats and mirrors.

No Cars

Gran tipología de piezas destinadas a clientes mundialmente conocidos del sector eléctrico, electrónico, maquinaria industrial, electrodomésticos, grifería y cerrajería.
El principal Objetivo de Funmak es mantener año tras año los mismos niveles de Service Level y de PPM (Parts Per Million) requeridos por nuestros Clientes.