Our Products

Funmak manufactures and delivers products worldwide being the European continent the primary destination. Currently the export balance is superior than the nationally supplied product.

Over 70% of our manufactured products are destined for the automotive sector for the main Tier 1 suppliers.

The products we offer for the automotive sector among others are integrated in windscreen wiper systems, doors, interior bushings…

In addition, the support that allows the windscreen wiper to be raised, engine housings, other types of parts related to the windscreen lifting system, such as counterweights, different shafts and several other types of parts related to interior parts, both aesthetic and non-aesthetic, as well as parts related to seats and rear-view mirrors.

Wide range of parts for well-known customers in the electrical, industrial machinery, household appliances, plumbing, locksmithing and other sectors…

Funmak has the aim to cover as many sectors as possible, expanding each year in new sectors through the loyalty of potential customers.



Chrome-plated parts

Pivot Housing