The different types of zamak

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The different types of zamak

Zamak is a material that is made of an alloy of different materials and has many properties.

At Funmak, we are specialists in the manufacture of this material, especially in the zamak die casting process.

If you are interested in knowing what the different types of zamak are, we tell you about them in this article.

What is zamak?

To begin with, zamak is defined as an alloy of zinc with aluminium, magnesium and copper. The name of this material comes from the initials, in German, of the materials it is made of.

Due to its metal composition, zamak die casting is ideal for the creation of complex and durable parts.

A curiosity about this material is that the parts manufactured can be used in components for construction, automobiles, electricity, electronics, telephony, toys and decoration, among others.


What are the different types of zamak?

Different types of zamak are available on the market, depending on the composition of the zamak.

You should be aware that each country has its own standards for regulating the chemical composition of zamak and, in these standards, you will also find a standard that sets the properties that die castings must have in the zamak die casting process.

The most commonly used alloy in Europe is zamak 5, but there are also zamak 2, zamak 3, zamak 7 and zamak 8.

Here are the characteristics of each of them:

  • zamak 2: used for the manufacture of moulds for shoe parts and car bumpers.
  • zamak 3: the use of this type of material is the most advisable for creating parts with complicated details, contours and which are difficult to manufacture.
  • zamak 5: is the most common and most widely used. This is because it has a high dimensional stability, as well as a great ease of die casting, known as zamak die casting. It is used for the manufacture of carburettors, water and petrol pumps.
  • zamak 7: this variant is ideal for the manufacture of household appliances such as extractors, juicers and other rudimentary parts.
  • zamak 8: the only alloy that can be die-cast in a hot chamber.
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What are the benefits of using zamak in your business?

Here is a list of the benefits of using zamak in your business.

  • Items made of zamak do not deteriorate. This alloy, unlike silver, does not tend to suffer as much wear and tear.
  • Thanks to the use of this material you will save on resources in the sense that you will have to invest less money. In this way, you will save energy, time and other resources thanks to its rapid melting.
  • It is a quality material that is not only cheaper, but also allows you to create high quality, hard and resistant pieces at a very competitive price.
  • Zamak is a reliable material with which you can use finishing techniques to achieve a more attractive result.
  • Zamak is an anti-allergic material, which is why it is increasingly used in the manufacture of toys, jewellery and fashion.
  • Injection moulds are highly durable and this is due to the mix of metals used.
  • Easy to clean.

The different types of zamak that you can find

At Funmak, we manufacture different types of parts made of different types of zamak, and we also produce high quality parts on the market.

We also offer products made from Zamak material and you will be impressed by their effectiveness.

If you want to know more about our product catalogue, contact us and we will help you.

See you in the next article!

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