Why should you use chrome-plated metal parts in your business?

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28 de February de 2022
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Why should you use chrome-plated metal parts in your business?

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In order to reach the hands of our customers, the metal parts go through a grinding and polishing process which is very important for the final result.

Each of them must be correctly fulfilled for optimal effectiveness.

At Funmak, we give you the opportunity to get the ideal chromed metal parts for your business.

This process goes beyond the glossy finish that these pieces have. That is why from Funmak we reveal you what these advantages are and why it is so relevant.

Do you want to discover all these benefits? Read on…

What are chrome-plated metal parts?

Chromium-plated metal parts are made from the metal chromium, group 6 of the periodic table, and to do so, an electroplating process has to be carried out.

This course will make your metal parts resistant to corrosion, as well as giving them a perfect, shiny, detailed finish.

There are many types of chromatic metal parts and they can be completely adapted to your type of business, especially they are often used for automotive services. That is, to manufacture parts for your automobiles.

But they can be used for decoration, electricity, aerospace parts, among others. This technique is suitable for all types of business.

It is normally used for its final finish, as it is very professional and has a shiny polish. Sometimes, it can be a heavy element, but that is why the chrome plating technique in these cases is to coat the metal parts with chrome.

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The chrome or nickel plating process

The chromium plating process consists of superimposing a layer of chromium on all or most of the metal part by means of electrolysis.

This does not require a large amount of material, unlike other types of these.

This process is based on three phases, which starts with the step of being bathed in nickel or copper, this will allow them to be protected against external agents.

Secondly, electrolytic chromium plating will be carried out, which will form a closed electronic circuit in direct current. To achieve the metallic chrome that will be placed on the upper part of the parts.

And last but not least, as this step is sometimes omitted, the parts need to be washed in case any liquids remain on the surface.

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The advantages of chrome-plated metal parts

The chrome plating process on metal parts has many advantages for its use and that is why you should consider it for your articles.

Corrosion resistance

Once the nickel plating process has been carried out, the parts become more resistant. Chromium plating is a technique that protects against wear, friction and oxidation of the element.

Industrial or engineering chrome plating is not used for its decorative finish and is rougher, but if you want to get that brightness you can achieve it by polishing.

Pure brilliance

The last phase of the process is very important to obtain 100% of the desired brilliance of the object. The component that helps this is nickel.

This is the main feature of the chrome plating technique and the reason why it is applied to metal parts, regardless of the sector in which your business is located.

The chromatic metal parts you’re looking for in your business

In Funmak, we have a lot of professionalism in creating the perfect piece for your company, the quality we have is the best in the market.

In addition, we offer products made from Zamak material and you will be impressed by their effectiveness.

If you want to know more about our product catalogue, contact us and we will help you.

See you in the next article!

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