Funmak makes its proposals for improvement based on the following points

  • Proposals to reduce part weight
  • Balance between annual production and optimum mould cavities based on a study of the part geometry
  • Optimization of the 3-D part based on a highly detailed study of the tolerances allowed in order to obtain dimensionally correct, centred parts in the first mould test

Mould construction is based on the following

Thorough mould design based on our internal technical standards with feedback from our FMEA, PPAP and APQP

Robust moulds

Use of the best steel and treatments

We apply simulation technology (Mold Flow) when we consider it necessary

Mould design aimed at avoiding the die-cutting operation

The above points help us make long-lasting moulds without affecting quality.


Study and 3-D optimization = We add value to the process and the customer


Automated and comprehensive manufacture


Constant improvement in process control


Good development = stable process